Is your system compatible with all cable providers?

As long as your provider has the ability to add a local channel our system will be compatible with it. Your provider will tell us the type of connection need it and we provide the appropriate cables and adapters.

Do we need to let our cable provider know we are signing up with you?

If your current equipment is located onsite then No. If the equipment is located at your provider's facility then we need to ask them where to send your new equipment.

Where should we start if we've never had a community channel?

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How long does the process take?

If you're upgrading an existing channel the process can be as quick as you need it to be but the average is 10-14 days,

We currently have a standard definition channel and would like to upgrade to High Definition?

This depends on your cable provider. If they have the capability you may be responsible for purchasing a HD Modulator or Encoder.

We see there is an option for a second channel. What is this used for?

There are 2 common uses for a second channel. Display a gate or lobby camera so people know who they are letting in. Separate info by subject such as social or club activities vs Association business.